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Owner/Lead Photographer

I want to start off with saying I am incredibly honored that you love my photography and are considering using me for your next special day!

So who AM I?

I'm a Virgo to the max: Virgos are known to be perfectionists, meticulous and single-minded in their pursuit of improvement. I need to feel like I'm being useful and I feel productive by contributing to something larger than myself! I satisfy this desire by volunteering my services to our local community - it feels so good to give back to a place that is so special to me and to the people who helped my business grow.

I want to travel the world and have big plans to visit Paris, Switzerland, and Iceland in the near future.

Food is my love language - especially sweets.

Sunsets & rainbows make me oh so happy.

I'm a night owl. Mornings are my nemesis and the only way I can get through them is with English Breakfast Tea!

I met my incredibly patient husband, Nick, back in 2005. It was love at first drink! We married in 2009 and now we have 3 little/not-so-little ones that keep us busy full time. Our days are filled with school pickups, orthodontist appointments, homework, and sports - and we wouldn't have it any other way!

Prior to becoming a Photographer, I was employed as a Finance Assistant at an Investment Firm in Boston. My financial and administrative background has provided me with the ability to run my business flawlessly - from communicating with clients to staying organized.

These days, you can find our family wandering around Boston year-round. One of our favorite traditions is to go ice-skating at The Boston Common Frog Pond - home of the BEST hot chocolate around!

"You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough."

Mae West